Jennifer McComb, LLC is committed to helping individuals and couples achieve an emotionally and physically fulfilling sexual life. Due to the private nature of the issues being discussed, I strive to create a safe, confidential, non-judgmental place for people to explore their sexuality. I welcome clients of all gender identities and expression and sexual and affectional orientations. 

Sex therapy involves helping individuals and/or couples by: 

- providing education about human sexuality, sexual development and sexual functioning

- developing strategies to improve sexual functioning and cope with erectile functioning, rapid ejaculation, anorgasmia, vaginal pain, lack of sexual desire and other concerns

- developing skills and resources to help individuals, couples, and parents discuss sex related issues 

- helping couples work out differing sexual styles or preferences 

- understanding how your sexual histories (i.e., family messages about sex, experience of puberty) impact your current sexual experiences 

- addressing the impact of sexual trauma or unwanted touch on current sexuality 

- helping embrace one's sexuality and sexual expression

- learning how to interrupt unhelpful ways of communicating about sex and intimacy 

- dealing with infidelity and the impact on sexual relationships

- enhancing sexual and emotional intimacy 

- resolving body image concerns that constrain sexual expression, functioning and satisfaction

- developing ways of coping with changes in sexual functioning or satisfaction as a result of cancer treatment, chronic illnesses or other medical reasons

- assessing and coping with the impact of out of control sexual behaviors

- exploring sexual orientation and gender identity   

- coping with the impact of fertility issues and pregnancy on sexual functioning and satisfaction

- exploring constraints to sexuality such religious/spiritual and cultural expectations 

Sex therapy does not involve taking off your clothes or any type of physical touch.  

Sex therapy requires an integrative model of therapy that involves behavioral, cognitive-behavioral and emotionally focused treatment approaches. Due to the range of factors that impact one's sexuality, I often collaborate with other skilled health professionals such as urologists, gynecologists and pelvic floor physical therapists to help clients achieve their treatment goals.