I work with individuals and couples presenting with a range of concerns. Individual and couple therapy can help you: 

- develop skills to reduce relationship distress (couple, family, in-laws, children etc...)

- cope with and rebuild trust after infidelity  

- enhance the emotional bonds between partners

- improve communication skills 

- evaluate and make decisions about your relationships 

- cope with and move on following divorce 

- adapt to life stage transitions (i.e. transition to parenthood, empty nest, retirement) 

- develop skills to cope with anxiety and depression

- change problematic behaviors such as excessive gambling and substance use  

- cope with the impact of problem gambling 

In individual therapy, the focus of treatment is on individual growth and well-being. As a relationally oriented therapist, I help individual clients navigate the challenges of their interpersonal relationships and the impact that these relationships have on their individual functioning. 

When working with couples, my approach is focused on understanding the interactional sequences that occur between partners, especially in times of distress, and help them develop more adaptive ways of relating to each other. During couple therapy sessions, I will model, coach and support couples as they learn how to take the risk to relate to their partner in new, more vulnerable ways.