Workshops for Therapists

One of my passions is training therapists to work with sexuality issues. I am passionate about the importance of therapists feeling comfortable knowing what and how to explore sexuality with clients. The reality is that many (if not most) therapists have little training in sexuality/sex therapy. I provide training to therapists on a range of topics including:

How to Talk to Clients about Sex

How do I ask about sex? What happens if we have been working together for a long time and we have never talked about sex, how can I bring it up now? What happens if a client reports a sexual problem and I don’t know how to help them? These are questions I hear all the time when I talk to therapists about talking about sex. In this workshop, we discuss strategies for how to initiate discussions about sexuality issues with clients, how to be aware of and manage your own discomfort, how to include sexuality in a comprehensive psychosocial assessment, and how to explore sexuality in a way that respects the diversity in sexuality orientation, gender identity and relationship configuration. Participants will leave the workshop with concrete strategies they can use in their clinical work.

Sex Therapy 101

A client reports difficulty with erections, vulvar pain, low desire - what do I do??? This workshop is focused on providing an introduction to sex therapy so that clinicians can develop confidence in their ability to assess for sexual concerns, understand key interventions, and evaluate the need for a referral to a sex therapist or other health professionals. The workshop will emphasize the importance of respecting the diversity in sexuality orientation, gender identity and relationship configuration throughout the treatment process.

Couple Based Approaches to the Treatment of Sexual Concerns in Therapy

The landscape of sex therapy has changed dramatically in the past few decades - away from individually oriented, behavioral models to treatment approaches that are more systemic and integrative. As a systemically trained therapist, I believe in the value of treating sexual concerns by integrating a range of treatment models and working systemically. This workshop focuses on outlining couple based interventions for the treatment of some common sexual concerns including: erectile functioning, vulvar pain, low desire/desire discrepancy, and discrepant sexual interests. The workshop will discuss approaches for working with same sex couples and heterosexual couples.

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